Committees and Minutes

Meetings are held at SCCMHA
1555 Industrial Drive, Owosso, MI
Board Room unless otherwise posted.

Meetings are open to the public.

Meeting information is posted in the SCCMHA lobby.

Meets quarterly

Chairperson    Vicki Bocek
Director    John Horvath
Director Janelle Hughes
DirectorPaul Wiese
Director Robyn Spencer

2017-03-27 Minutes
2017-01-23 Minutes
2016-09-26 Minutes
2016-06-27 Minutes
2016-03-28 Minutes
2016-01-25 Minutes
2015-09-28 Minutes
2015-06-22 Minutes
2015-03-23 Minutes
2015-02-23 Minutes

Meets quarterly

Chairperson    Robyn Spencer
Vice Chair John Horvath
Director Mike Bruff

2016-07-21 Minutes
2016-04-21 Minutes
2016-01-21 Minutes
2015-12-10 Minutes
2015-10-15 Minutes

Meets as needed

Director Vicki Bocek
Director Robyn Spencer
Director Jerry Walden

2015-10-14 Selection Committee Minutes
2015-10-29 Selection Committee Minutes
2015-11-03 Selection Committee Minutes